Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Life as beautiful who you are-Part II


See you again in dis post.

So we continued again about the thing i not done yet.

So today i talk the experienced use this product in 8 month.

There are many changes i have through with VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil), one of it my healthiness.

Before take VCO:

1) Problem with menstrual cycle

2) I'm snoring

3) I have sinus problem

4) My skin tone not fair

5) I have problem with oily skin, pigmentation & acne

After taking VCO for 8 months:

1) The period cycle is good even late.

2) The problem with snoring less.

3) The sinus become less, less sneezing and could sleep well.

4) skin tone has changed

5) Problem in oily skin, acne scars, acne all no more

Allahamdulilah, I do not cheat, I experienced a lot of changes after take VCO for 8 months.
My mistake not to keep photos before 

but this photo after taking VCO for 1st month

No editing at all.

Now let me show you the testimony of the public:

What user says about our product?
    • Pn. Nor Shahida Hussin
      Kepong , Selangor Darul Ehsan
    • Problems:
      Pimples and Acne Problem
    • Product :
      Virgin Coconut Oil - in softgel capsules
    "Seriously im really appreciate ur makes me more confident see my client without make, i dont have pimples at my face just after 3 days taken your product..after this, i want to buy your Collagen to help reduce my scar..thank you catalyst!!"
New stock for 1 month

I now continue with new product, Collagen Catalyst, RM 60.00 @ rm59.90

Expensive for students like me, but I take one sachet once a week. Bukankah wanita itu berharga (iklan loreal la pulak)

VCO softgel 2 tablets I take one day.

I was looking about the opportunities for business if there any.

I am 100% sure of the VCO products.  just try it today, you will not regret it. Its good for you healthiness n beauty.

contact me via facebook: GadisSemasa88 or my friend ZafiraCatalyst Stockist if u intrested ok!

Monday, 27 February 2012

La Crème Caramel Choco Layer! Omo


My holiday eill be end soon.

Go back to Melaka to futher my study. What to do?

So at home my mind always thinking, what to do, what to do? before i cant bakes & cook anymore. Waaa!!

What to do! life as student limit as usual.

So last night, i tried to make Puding Karamel Berlapis Coklat.

Awesome first make. Success.

So the ingredients u need to have are;

For Ingredients A:

1 Tin of Evaporated Milk/ 1 tin Susu Cair

5 tablespoon of sugar/ 1 sudu besar gula

3 or 4 of eggs / 3 atau 4 biji telur

1 teaspoon of essence vanilla/ 1 sudu kecil vanila esen

1 Teaspoon of custard flour/ 1 sudukecil tepung kastard

For Ingredients B:

1 Tin of Evaporated Milk/ 1 tin Susu Cair

5 tablespoon of sugar/ 1 sudu besar gula

3 or 4 of eggs / 3 atau 4 biji telur

4 tablespoon of cocoa powder + 1 teaspoon nescafe powder (options) + 1 teaspoon of paste chocolate (anykind brand)
/ 4 sudu besar serbuk koko + 1 sudu kecil serbuk nescafe (kalau mau) + 1 sudukecil pes coklat (ape2 brand)

For Ingredient C:

4-5 tablespoon of sugar for Caramel Sugar/ 4-5 sudu beasr gual untuk gula hangus.


1) For A: Blender everything and strain the mixture so that the material is more delicate
/ Kisarkan bahan-bahan dan tapiskan supaya menjadi lagi halus

2) For B: Doing same thing such as A
/Buat sepeti A.

** Separated it into 2 bowls/ asingkan kedalam dua mangkuk 

3) For C: Heat the pan, then put sugar little by little into pan, stir sugar until it melt and the colour become brown. Then put some water, not to much because we want remain the sweetness of sugar caramel. After that , put it into brass 8 x 8 inch . Rest it for a while./ Panaskan kuali, masukkan gula sedikit demi sedikit, kacau gula hingga ia cair dan menjadi perang. Pahtu letak sedikit air, jangan terlampau banyak airnya, coz nak kekalkan kemanisan dan kepekatan gula hangus.Letakkan dalam loyang.

4) Then we continue with A. After the Caramel Sugar getting cold, put the 1/2 cup of mix A into brass. And steam it for 5 or 10 minute. If you use the oven to steam use temperature at 200C n don't forget  to put water in another brass inside oven and under the mixture brass.
/ Pahtu kita sambung dengan bahan A. Selepas gula hangus dah sejuk, letakkan separuh adunan A ke dalam loyang. Dan kukus selama 5-015 minit, kalau guna oven guna suhu 200C, dan pastikan kita letak air dalam satu lagi loyang bawah loyang adunan itu.

5) After done, for fourth step , continue with mixture B, same with A, put the 1/2 of cup mix B above layer A and steaming it again for 5-15 minute.
/ Selepas siap langah ke 4, sambung dengan adunan B, seperti A, letak B atas A dan kukus lagi selama 5-15 minit.

6) Do it again and again until you finish the mixture A & B, but i just make 5 layer only. If u like u can do more or less than that.Steam each layer a little longer.
/Buat lagi sehingga aduna A & B habis.Kalau suka , korang boleh buat lebih atau kurang dari itu.

7) After complete, upside down into the plate. But make sure the mixture are getting cold first before u put into plate. If not the texture will collapse.
/ Selepas siap, terbalikkan ke dalam pinggang. Tapi pastikan puding sejuk dahulu, supaya bila diterbalikkan tidak hancur.

8) Done. Decor as u wish and prepare it as great dessert to u family. Good Luck!/ Hiaskan seperti pakar. Hehe.


P/S: igot this wonderful recipe from Asmira Unnie. Thankuyu! Somas K , coz share dis recipe.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Omo! Choco choco Cake Moist Kukus

Hola! I think its been long at home,

Just imagine i decide to make cake at 6.00 pm and finished at 8.00 pm.

Today a lot of thing happen. I talked wiz some1 thats very important in my life.

Why? i am happy, of coz i am, she is the 1 hardest person to talk with hehe, im glad it just fine after that.

All suck imagination about her flew away.

Thanks god.

So today, i open Kak Ita Masam Manis Blog and found the easy one of her recipe.

Choco Moist Cake.

So i decided to make to finish everything left ingredients in my refry.

Just take not more 1 1/2 half hour to make. I think u can follow this recipe.

Ingredients A:
1 cup sugar/ 1 cawan gula

1 cup cocoa powder/ 1cawan serbuk koko

1 cup  evaporated milk/ 1 cawan susu cair

1 cup condensed milk/ 1 cawan susu pekat

1 cup cook oil/ 1 cawan minyak masak

* all the above ingredients mix well and cook over low heat until smooth/semua bahan diatas gaul sebati dan masak dengan api perlahan hingga sebati
* Rest all the ingredients a few minutes/rehatkan semua bahan beberapa minit 

Ingredients B:
wheat self-rising flour 1 1/2 @ 1 1/2 of cup regular wheat / 11/2 cawan tepung naik sendiri atau 1 1.2 cawan tepung gandum biasa

bicarbonate of soda 1 tsp (teaspoon KFC)-sieve/ 1 sudu kecil soda bikabornat

if using regular flour must use baking powder 1 tsp (teaspoonKFC)-sieve, but if you use self-rising flour do not need to add baking powder/

Kalau guna tepung biasa mesti kena guna 1 sudu kecil baking powder kalau tidak tak perlu

Ingredients C:

4 of eggs (blender)/ 4 biji telur


the right materials B and C materials into ingredients in a bowl A
little by little and mix with a spoon, pour in when already well oiled brass/

satu kan bahan-bahan B dan bahan-bahan C kedalam bahan -bahan A di dalam mangkuk
sikit demi sikit dan gaul dengan senduk, bila sudah sebati tuangkan dalam loyang yang disapu minyak

steamed in 30 -45 minutes (depending on pan size)
cooked cake will not stick on skewers/

kukus dalam 30 -45 minit (bergantung saiz loyang)
kek yang sudah masak tidak akan melekat di batang lidi

* p / s...loyang must be heated first before putting cake mix/
*p/s...loyang mestilah dipanaskan dahulu sebelum dimasukkan adunan kek 

For topping:

4 of tablespoon cocoa powder/ 4 sudubesar  serbuk koko

3 of tablespoon condenssed milk/ 3 sudubesar susu pekat

2 of tablespoon fresh milk/2 sudubesar susu segar

2 of tablespoon buttercup/ 2 sudubesar mentega

For decoration:

Up to u dear, u can put some choco rice or etc

So moist nYummy2>> Thats what my masterchef at home said

Friday, 24 February 2012

Puding Gula Hangus We are


Today im alone at home wiz my little sister.

So bored. Looking opportunity to enter the kitchen again.Ohh...

So before that i just fallen in love wiz this guys. Awesome bila anak melayu can sing.

Lyrics | One Direction lyrics - What Makes You Beautiful lyrics So comel..adik aku pun suka. Tak tau knape. I think is better than One Direction.

So after that, baru laa dia cakap nak makan Creme' Caramel ataupun dikenali puding gula hangus. Lapar kot

Budak nie, entahlah tak kenal sgt tapi I think leh pergi jauh. Eh asal tulis melayu lak nie. Hehe takpelah sekali sekala off tusyen english.

So come back to english writting. You can go twitter to know more about Hilman Mustafa or We are group.

So back to My Crème la Caramel. 

This recipe I found a years ago at somewhere. I dont remember lol.

For ingredients Caramel.

1 cup of sugar/ 1 cawan gula

1 cup of water/ 1 cawan air

1) First heat the pan, and put sugar and wait until the sugar melt./

2) Cook over medium heat. When you see a little brown, add water little by little. Cook until brown. Pour into serving bowl. Set aside.

For Ingredients Puding that must you blended all together.

1 tin of evaporated milk/ 1cawan susu cair

6 of egg/ 6 biji telur (U can add more than this if u like)

1 teaspoon of custard flour/ 1 sudu kecil tepung kastard (If u dont like to put, is okay)

2 teaspoon of essence vanilla/ 2 sudu kecil esen vanilla

4 tablespoon of sugar/ 3 sudu besar gula (if u like sweet u can put more)


1) In blender put all ingredients Puding and just blend until it mix well.

2) Then, take a brass 20cm, put the Karamel first and wait 10 minute until it become cold.

3) Then, put the pudding mix into brass, yeah above karamel .

4) So just steam it in 40 minit.


p/s: brass must be cover with aluminium foil becoz we dont want the water enter the mix ingredients

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Omo..Muar mali


Wake up in the morning, feeling dizzy.

Donno why maybe i go bed at late kot.

Bangun2 je tewus masuk dapur, apedaa nk jadi ank dara nie.

Said to my mommy, Mom i want to eat mee bandung, can u (with please eye)

My mom said, "DO IT YOURSELF"

Okay la.. go back to my room, switch on my laptop and google the recipe.

Owoo! Seriously i fan of Mee Bandung! Mee Curry ! ANYKIND of mee. So i look at any ingredients in my refrigrator.

The kitchen become messing when i around. What to do.

So after completing what recipe need . I started preparing my lunch alone. Wuaaa!

So gurl..i took this recipes at My ( its work) this recipes for 5 people kot

So i reduce the ingredients for two people only.

So u need to prepare:

1 paket mee kuning (saya guna separuh bungkus)/1 pack of yellow noodles (I use half the package)

6 tangkai cili kering (buang biji dan rebus, toskan) (kalau nak pedas guna lebih) 
/6 dried chillies (remove seeds and boiled, drained) (use more if you want spicy)

3 ulas bawang putih (diketuk) /3 cloves garlic (crushed)
4 biji bawang merah /4 shallots

½ cawan udang kering, direbus dengan Secawan air (alternatively boleh guna sotong rendam, rebus juga, ini style Mee Bandung Tanjung Agas, Muar)   cup dried shrimp, boiled with a cup of water (alternatively can use squidsoaked, boiled well, this style Mee Bandung Tanjung Agas, Muar)

½ cawan udang hidup  cup live shrimp

1 cawan daging rebus (dipotong nipis) /1 cup of boiled meat (sliced​​)

Sawi (sukatan ikut suka, potong anggaran 1 inci) /Mustard (desperate measure, cut into 1-inch estimate)

Kobis (sukatan ikut suka, hiris kasar) /Cabbage (chopped coarse)
3/4 gula  cup sugar

2 cawan air rebusan daging /2 cup beef stock

1 sudu besar sos tiram/1 tablespoon oyster sauce

Telur ayam (mengikut jumlah hidangan) /Chicken eggs (according to the number of servings)

           Garam secukup rasa /Salt to taste

Minyak masak /Oil for frying

Lain lain perencah e.g. daging ayam, fishballs, sotong, bunga kobis, hati rebus boleh dimasukkan mengikut individu selera /Other other flavoring e.g. chicken, fishballs, cuttlefish, cauliflower, boiled liver may be entered in individual taste.

Daun sadri & daun bawang, jika suka (dihiris) /Celery & green onions, if desired (chopped)

So u must start with: 

Mula-mula kita blend dulu  cili kering, udang kering & air rebusannya, gula, bawang putih & bawang merah. 
/First we first blend dried chillies, dried prawns & boiling water, sugar, garlic &onion.

Selepas itu, panaskan api dalam periuk./
After that, heat the fuel in the pot.

Selepas itu, kita tumiskan bahan bahan yang dikisar. Jangan sampai garing hingga naik bau./
After that, we fry blended materials. Do not let cool until fragrant.

Masukkan sos tiram /
Enter oyster sauce

Masukkan udang, daging rebus/ 
Add prawns, beef stew

Dan akhir sekali kita masukkan batang sawi dan air rebusan daging dan garam. Biar sehingga pekat/ 

And finally we add spinach and salt and beef stock. Let up to concentrate

So, this is the results:

I think this recipe is perfect, because for the first tyme i make is better like im pro Hehe just kid.


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