Friday, 29 June 2012

Yuna...+ Pharell= Genius!

I love to told more but..i had the exam this thats why i posted this new late...

Maybe im late 2 heard this song...

Even this is new album for Yuna collabration with great USA

BUT TRUST me ..Yuna  dont want u bought her album & regret it..coz This songs write her & another songwriters combine Pharell music i cant said..i can accept it but the main thing matured...crazy awesome..

For me no one single song let me down..its different & freshy..sious lol

Her  efforts it so million worth to hear that...million worth..

Do hear it at youtube 

okay i will post one that i love to heard..again again

and there is many more...13 of all her song is...doing great..i hope u got grammy hahaha

Yunalis singer Yuna Zarai or acknowledge his experience working with a vocalist and drummer from the Pharrell Williams nerd in the process of recording her new album is something that was expected.Yuna said she felt like a dream when directly involved in the production of five new songs in a studio in Miami, United States (U.S.), recently."I never dreamed would have the opportunity to work with Pharrell. Since high school I was listening to the songs and admire creativity featured in his music."Taste can not believe it is when we are together to write five songs for my album" he told The Star here yesterday.Add singer song and this fact, the seriousness and efficiency throughout the production of albums of Williams was not only impressive, but also brings a new experience."Pharrell is not only creative, but very quickly find the idea of ​​writing songs. In contrast to me where I usually wait for inspiration to come, but he was looking for inspiration to create music.He's a tough, efficient and work-hardened. Disciplines are applied in his work admirably.Imagine, I am a egos and not easy to comply with the said other persons, but I looked down at his direction during recording because she knows what she wants "partners.Written five songs that would fit in with his first album for the U.S. market soon.Album containing 10 songs and 12 tracks is expected to be marketed in late October or early next year.Since binding contracts under Fader Label in the U.S. in March, Yuna regularly commute between Malaysia and the U.S. to strengthen its brand in there.Yuna EP album for the U.S. market since March 15 Decorate marketed and through iTunes.

This news i..picked from somewhere internet and translate it..Hehehe..stay tuned...u gonna love it..if u love her music...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012



Salam..pose pun belum wawe dah postkan baju raye hehehhe..ngeh2..

Nie haa ade butik kat fb show off dia punye collection..tgk2 berkenan laa pulak cantek kan...

harge dia lak Masyaallah..murah je RM170..

Nie versi hijau..cantek gak

ade saiz s-xl..

setakat nie baju raye baru 1 pasg..tapi bab kate ustaz utamakn keredhaan pose dulu..raya tak pnting pun..

ala kadar pun takpe..

haaa ape lagi pasg ahh niat...untuk meningkatkan amal ibadah tahun nie..mane tau..

besar nikmat ramadhan tahun nie kite kecapi kan..hehehe

Kalau berminat nak beli baju kurung tu silat lawat ke page ErnieKhairina facebook k 

Monday, 25 June 2012

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter vs Sir Abraham Lincoln?


I went to AEON GSC on Last Sunday..

I went to watched this film become the curiosity inside my head..

When i learned form berapa entah..

Ade pasal Abraham Lincoln nie iaitu presiden America yang ke 16  kan!! in US

tapi ape hal lak...based on vampire hunter tau laa more on fantasy ..tim Burton punye jalan cerita

is it this story..just teased about the history of Abraham Lincoln..

or cover this story bcoz there will be many or to protect the feelings of everyone involved

I had read the info about this wikipedia..

and guess what i love to know more..sius..

Maybe the inside this story is not  vampire hunter but it all about Perang Saudara (CIVIL WAR) yang berlaku waktu tu

the enemy is not vampire actually it just picture..same with people who cruel to destroy peace of human being discriminate & so on..hmm??????

I need to read this movie 

♥    /5..

Photo of Abraham Lincoln
Click this pic to go at info about him

Dont missed now at cinema..

If u want to know more & got curiosity just like after watched this movie

pleased helped urself with k..

Sunday, 24 June 2012

My heart so blessed at Pantai Puteri

My heart so tenang at dis place..

Subhanaallah..aku sungguh bersyukur...

Engkau hadiahkan aku pancaindera yang masih berfungsi..

mohon ia berfungsi hingga aku menutup mataku Ya Allah..amin

Murah woo...♥ ♥

Last night..

My frenz & i went to JJ..

And i bought 1 pairs of sandals & 1 pair of Admiral runner shoes..

Total up..just only rm 40..because it was cut off by Malaysian mid year sale.. love it!!

Go now..evrything 70% sale...they want to..clearing last stock..

Just to told uols bfore terlambat kan..

Jatuh Bangun Seorang Aku


kita perlu untuk menitis air mata

agar kita tahu nilai sebentuk senyuman di ukir bibir

kita perlu terjatuh 

agar kita tahu payahnya untuk bangun dan kembali senyum

kita perlu juga untuk bangun walaupun payah
kerna kita perlu tahu nilai kebangkitan kembali

andai nilai kebangkitan itu akhirnya menyakitkan kita. lebih baik kita rebah dpd terus terseksa.

kebangkitan memang menyakitkan
tapi andai kita rebah selamanya
ada insan lain yang sedang bergembira dengan kerebahan kita itu
kebangkitan kita menjadia dia jatuh rebah

org akan gembira bila kita rebah
ketawa bila kita trsungkur
senyum bila kita jatuh
tp semua itu lenyap 
bila kita mampu bangkit kembali

andai kita mampu bangun saat kita rebah
andai kita mampu ketawa saat kita tersungkur 
dan andai kita mampu tersenyum saat kita jatuh
itu semua adalah kerana kita. hanya kita yg mampu mengubah segalanya. dan ketika itu. pasti mereka sedar kita bukan lagi lemah.

pasti mereka tidak akan biasa menjatuhkan kita lagi
dan takut untuk melihat kita rebah
kerna tahu kita punya upaya untuk terus bangkit berlari

Sajak itu tadi khas dipetik dr blog-Puisi Pantas Pendek


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dis moment so touchy!!

 Thank you to my lecturer , for teaches me & give advice & more motivation in study..untill now..

 Thanks to all junior for give us a best moment ever in ur class even just for awhile ..Wawe akn rndu kwg

 Hope u will got the best career..after finish this degree..K..Love & Hug from me!

✿ Today i got a lot of advice..hehe TQVM

✿ So today i take more picture for first last day..before exam..

BACC 8A..girls only with PM Azizah

Touching moment

Girls 8A senget moment

BACC 6C & Miss Jue cute

Bump into Teh

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Another snap on this week before into exam weeks

♥ I love to learn photography..but i do not enough money to buy powerful camera like dlsr..

♥ Maybe one day..after work earned my owned salary

♥ What i earned in futures..still thinking..

♥ At 2.00 just bored girl decide to take sanpshot my homework & my stationery..who helped me so much 

♥ I hope u like it..even it just

♥ Yahh ready to go int..last test b4 final..

♥ Im thirst ..need a plain water after 15 min read

♥ My test pad..but with my little superhero on it..

♥ Mr me to put my stuff on

 ♥ I do love this pen..coz i written to exhausted..but he's not yet

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

♥The winner is Indulgence Eco Seat..♥

Did u hear that we won...The Gold Medal..First time ever in my life...

Yaa..the exhibition i told u...laaa ingat tak..yang cakap pasal buah cempadak..

Innovation..tapi kitaorg tak buah cempadak tuh..

Kitaorg wat menggunakan plastik...huhu..Eco green beb..terpegun terus juri dengan..idea kitaorg..buat kerusi guna plastik

Ya Allah ya tuhanku..

Alhamdulilah.....kau telah bg hadiah..berharga pd ku..

A awesome team group..

Sangat bertuah..berkorban bbrpa hari buat innovation tu...

Thanks to PM Azizah Dollah sbb menyediakan program cam nie

Rata2 yang datang kat booth kitaorg semua teruja dengan baran plastik yang kitaorg buat..

Penyapu, tabung pelbagai guna & kerusi..

OKay laa story motr jugak ade test sok luse nanti wawe upload ag k..mmuah

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Kesah aku & gigi kesayangan

Pernah berlaku satu accident dimana..aku tidak snaggup ank ceritakan pekara sebenar pada semua org..

bahawa gigi aku tersepih sedikit..

Ini kerana gara-gara aku...

Silent in 2minutes
Begini ceritaya..nie ...kesah wawe mase kat uitm dungun..ambil diploma..
Pada suatu y petang y indah n tenamg llebih 1 jam 1/2 sblum ke khelas..
wawe meniarap sambil wat keje..sekoloah
angin sempoi bahse..meniup..
wawe tertido..lame gak laa..lpas tuh bgun2 alamak dah pkul 1.30..kelas start 2.30..wawae ape lagi bangun..cpt2 tanpa memikirkan manusia bleh..lost balancing due to..kekejangan otot akibat kekurangan darah ke saraf..
ntah laa..btul ke aku nie..
pahtu,,tiba2 wawe rase..bdn wawe terkulai layu jatuh tertiarap..y sadis muka tersembam dulu
ape lagi menagis laa wawe dlm bilik tuh..tak sedar ag gigi dah tersepih skit..
mula2 xsedar ag..tapi2 lame2 gigi rase sengal...
Ya Allah check kat cermin..dah tersepih sket..waaaaaaa..
ape lagi menagis laa wawe..teresak2..
dah laa roomate xde

Ape lagi dimaklumkan cuti 1 hari kerana..pikir pasal gigi n malu nak jumpa or..
wawe pergi ke klinik sendiri..telephone laak bateri xhausted..mase tu tuhan je tahu..
wawe menagis spjg perjalanan..dengan bibir bedarah..kaki skait..muka bengkak
yang wawe risau ialah gigi je..ahhaha
telephone..abg wawe..smbil menagis..same goes to my frenz..dia mula panik..sebab wawe nagis..
Nak boleh masuk ke klinik tu lakk..stengah jam tunggu doktor
cos..waktu rehat
doc balik masak
sedeh lagi..

Then, name pun dipanggil
Hawa Ahmad!!
Ye saye

Happy Iskraj Mikraj to all muslim friends

Semoga..kita ambil pengajaran dari kisah yang mulia ini..

The talented House of Five..(Malays Product)

Hola..everyone..lets me introduce new talented band in Malaysia..

They are House of Five..

Once u heard u might be comparing them with Jackson 5, but they convinced , this pop contemporary n little bit classic song..more inspiration from Ireland group ..The Corr..

Now they come out with new single group..The House of Five

Lets me introduce this talented family..

They are Syazmin, 20 (vocalist), Aizat Ikhwan, 18, (violinist), Azran Irsyad, 15, (guitarist), Syazrin, 13 (second vocalist and keyboard player) and Azriq Anwar, 10 (drums and guitar).

So talked about the early involvement of the House of Five, said Syazmin, everyone from the encouragement of both parents, Saprudin Nor Aliza Mohd Sharif and Abdul Rashid.

Sort of a tradition, as early as four years of my siblings will be sent to a music class.

They said in Berita Harian:

"At first, just for fun We're brothers will play at the parties' relatives and friends, after that many who think we should go further," he said.

Top talent is encouraged tested and after test an audition from the Ukay's Amy, so bornlah the House of Five.

"We are shocked to say very qualified to form a band and the music itself," said Syazmin again.

The first two singles from this group, and "Rahsia" & " Kenapa" is berkemundang in corongz radio.

Both songs are also produced with the assistance of his own Syazmin siblings.

They hope also..this pop contemporary will be accepted fan in Malaysia

Wawe love song of Koyak, Kau Ada, Kerana & Rahsia..and may mor

So matured..& nice to hear..

They so talented in promotion their song because using FB & You Tube for fisrt level introduced themselves..

What a suprises!

Wawe hope they can go success with their own styles..

Go House of Five!

Okay this unofficial video clip that i want share..with uols' jah..

In You tube ..Clicks this picture to watch

I cant post the video becoz its restricted..Hmm What to do

Nutrigen yang lain rasenye

Aritu..wawe bace kat Zack Zukhairi..Realiti Konspirasi tuh..pasal kenangan..Vitagen & kawan dia..

Hehe arini wae minum Nutrigen..pun..teringat pasal sumthing..

Asal..dulu lain skunk lain..asal rase dia manis sgt..n kureng sedap per zaman2 bangku skolah..

Yang wawe dok berebut2 berator..bila balik simapn dlm peti ais minum..Oh my gucci..hilang dahaga...beb...

Tapi skunk..yerkk manisnye & rase dia xkow mcm dulu2..mane kesedapan waktu zaman sekolah...

Banyak kenagan jugak ngan nutrigen nih..

Semuanya indah2..zaman sekoloh masalh takde..

sebab kita tak yah nak pikir al sebabnye kanape itu ini..tu semau tugak mak ayah kite

zaman Ulat..dah tak seronok..

kita kena buat sendirik2..

Zaman twister n zaman vitagen..y beli ngan van vitagen teruih lain..

org yang pernah mengalaminya mesti rase lain..

kan kan kan 

aku la tu..

Bila shrok shrok ..air nie mesti aku rase...macm dok kat skoloh ngan member..petang2 gini

mengimbau jap2

Mase tuh sanggup simpan duit taw..nak sgt mende ..nie..

Tapi skunk dah tak same beli speket yang harge rm3.29 ade 5 btol dah tak rase pape..

duit pt kan ade..hehe

tapi yang xbestnye asal rase dia lain & perasang kite pn lain...hmmm sekian TQ

p/s: Tapi 2 2 nie nak habaq kat hans ..deng raso semua maaaaaaanihhhhhhhh

aiyoooooooooo potong..stem tol laa nak minum..

Friday, 15 June 2012

Who's That girl? Is Lalisa..dude

Recently ..i love to follow the way her dance..

Curik2 dance..

She cute..n got the right move..or she got the move..even actually the choreography for this dance is simple 

So ..i ..opened this video at window classic make this video superb slow..

Kekeh..what i laughed  like retard is Chris Brown voice..turn like 

tttttttttttttttttttuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnn uuuuuuuuppppppppppppp daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa musssssssssiccccccccccccc

Kekekh..Stop it wawe. Okay..hehe

So this is Lalisa new member in YG Family..

Who follow kpop entertainment in korea..know about this..

Present..Lalisa Manoban..She is from Thailand (Yeay !)

She is only 16

N know under YG Trainee..

She caught my eyes so much..maybe it will came out great artist like 2ne1..oh nooo noo

no one can replace them..

Thursday, 14 June 2012

On the way to IID??

Buah cempedak diluar pagar,

Ambil galah tolong tunjukkan,

Saya budak baru belajar.

Mintak tuan tolong tunjukkan.

Ewah..walaupun diubah..tapi so classy..

Fakulti wawe akan mengadakan..minggu IID..

Menatang apoh tuh? amboi hang perempuan sowi..

Untuk Part 7 punye tugas..aku dang group dikehendaki mencipta satu idea & innovasi dengan product lame..

even ape kena mengena..akauntan..nak cipta produk..laakk

Tulaa Uitm penuh dengan innovasi untuk mengeluarkan produk berkualiti dan membantu masyarakat

Blaa blaaaa

Ko cakap senang jah..i have to face this 2 weeks ago..but..the idea is not really come out from my head..n 

my toes..erkkk

Susah..ingat senang..sbb wawe tak kreatif kot..

Tapi hari ini about bijik cempedak diinovasikan menjadi wawe..

tengah mencari ..alternatif..ade nak try dulu..laa

Sius wawe tak suka tgk cempedak..pernah tgk cerita alien..dulu..sebijik mcm buah cempedak..ade laa

aksi tuh,,,so kalu nak mkn makn y dah siap goweng..makn mentah idak lee...

Hehe so ade juga y mengatakan buah cempedak nie banyak nilai komersial y blum diterokai 

selain dari makanan ape tu yep..

Tapi al kisah ini akan disambung lagi..cos jap ag aku akn..pergi mencari cempadak tuk dibuat.,..kajian adios

dok tilik ke gambo tuu dari malam gih,,isk sk isk idea idea...

Kalau laa..korg rase idea mengacam ..leh tak tulun..share..kalau sibuk support 


tak tau je laaa..heheh



So selamat berpikir2..

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


My tight schedule >> Love it..

Wish me luck everyone.. couple going to

no comfort zone anymore

preparation must be get ready..This is war..

Hehe..comel tak jadual saya

Kalau kamu mahu calendar cmne jgak ambil secra free kat blog ini ya..

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sedeh jugak bila..ikhlas jadi satu mainan..

Aku terasa..aku kena lepaskan..tiada tempat mengadu..

Tiada kekuatan untuk mengadu..hanya pada Allah aku berserah..

Aku tau..kadang2 ...dunia..tak adil..tapi akhirat diadili dengan baik..

Pada kawan2 juga..aku bermainkan perasaan gelak tawa &  emosi..selain family..

Namun tak semua org akan menerima kita dengan baik..Kadang2 lebih elok kalau salah kita tegur..kalau..tak 

cakap tak suka..tapi penuh rase hormat..bukan selfish ..wawe ingatkan diri wawe jugak..

Kalau ikhlaskan diri..cakap ikhlas..jangan jadi manusia munafik ..Talam dua muka..

Astaghfirullahalazim..sesungguhnya Allah maha pengampun..

Halalkan makan minum ..kadang2 terbuat slah tanpa sedar..kawan yang baik perbetulkan..aku..tapi janganlah 

diri pun tak betul nak betulkan org lain..dasyat..dasyat..Ikhlaskan Hati wahai Hawa..

Jangan marah kalau xsuka..

Monday, 11 June 2012

I cant wait for this Saga!!

After ending scence movie on Breaking dawn part 1, after Bella opened up her eyes with red contac lens.
with so stunning face & gorgeous look momy & wife..Reborn's Bella ..i found myself struggling..not to excited about breaking dawn part 2..

Now i keep searching..about..Twilight..
Oh dude..wahts wrong
Im getting facing exam soon..
Yelled myself to myself never gonna work..

At first..i not fan of twilight but i think the best part is breaking dawn part getting into it..
Lastly..i watched all over gain..the movie & keep read on Stephanie Meyers book.

Can wait to see the lovely hubby & wife unite again..
Now with new comers in their life..

Renesmee Cullen

Even this is just a fantasy..hehe..
Im just getting used this word..Just fantasy laa wawe.. what? Im fan of Kristen Stewart..after my new post about Snow White & Huntsman

Now what?

hehe Breaking dawn part 2...the ending of this Saga..Epic lol!

Now What..

Im used to loved with their soundtrack in movie played by Stewart

Snow White & Huntsman- Breath of Life & Gone & World Collapsing

♥ ♥ 
Shh..a little bit childish..but who care..its mine!

another 5 month to go..Breaking Dawn part 2 ..yeayy

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Finally is 100 ..

Happy 100..

I dont realized my post reached at

Keep blebering on this post..

Post post post ... the readers direct or indirect..

Oh ..who are accidentally push the button search n found my blog....but just stay for okay..I appreciated..

And who are follow thanks dear..

Im just happy with myself..just ignore me if u dont like it...

Getting Laugh with Rooftop Prince..

Another drama after 49 days..i would like to watch is this..after my friends told me..this drama had finish on KBS TV..

So i search on ..i cant stop laughed until funny..

I just watched online..malas nak download

Ternet slow kowt...

Synopsis from DramaWiki
A prince from the Joseon era, Lee Gak, is catapulted 300 years forward into the future in Seoul 2012 with his entourage, which includes Song Man Bo, Do Chi San and Woo Young Sul, when he tries to investigate the suspicious circumstances which surround the death of the girl he loved. In the present, he finds a girl who looks exactly like his beloved crown princess...

Saturday, 9 June 2012

♥ Mr. Beat..even u just Cap Ayam


My beat still win my heart even just cap ayam..dont u know Dr.dre? Huh

Indasametyme (pls give me that one)


♥ Snow White & Huntsman ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

The Princess

Dont u see..there are lots love up there..

Yup i give to this it worthy for spend RM 11..for 2hours ..without..running to toilet..

Hold my breath...till..the ending..

Great story..and plot that..structured very well...the alive at there..i just watched normal movie not in 2d view

Passionate, excited, love & action..perfect story

A child like me once ago..want  a happy ending..songs...young hansome prince & even dwarf story 

Not a prince but true lover is Huntsmant..can u get it?
But version as a 24 years old very well..

So matured..
A lonely stepmother..but great actor..

And this what i wanted to watched...Fantasy story..transform in different line story but upgraded with new version..

Even there still a princess, witch stepmother , Huntsman & lovers who broke the spell & 7 dwarf

But now u will saw a one..yeay

Raw beauty..Love u Kristen Stewart..cant wait to see u to be a vampire..

Double chin hmm..whatever..


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