Sunday, 29 April 2012

I krim dis from my frienz @ Masjid Jamek, KL.

Hola!..After missing for awhile, for mid term holiday..

I just came back Melaka & arrived, at this morning,,

So tired.. must be continued..what we haven't done yet..must be complete it right..

So let's move everybody...

Sory dis photo is not about to show OFF..just about i was trying new polka dot scarf..that i kirim wif my frenz 

when ..they went at there..ya a litlle bit cheaper..than..price that i surveyed last month IN Malacca ..i got this 

for rm20 for white & black..& the other ones for RM 25 oren & black.


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Reunion wiz my old scoolmates SMKKGB

Today i found awesome peoples...

It had been long tyme ago..i rarely see this..frenzs..

Im glad with all ..they status now...married, single, further study, business etc

Yes i had been school at SEKOLAH MEN.KEB.KOMPLEKS GONG BADAK K.TRG since 2001-2005

Each level there are friends and moments to be shared.

We laugh, joy & sadness once we bring back all moment @ Patai Kustem

All this idea was created by schoolmates..@FB  a.k.a Atoromeng Taro.

So i was informed by My stokist VCO..Eira Zafira..abt this event..first what i was whether i should

go or not..malu seh..badan dah berdouble2 lemak..takut org x kenal..but second thkg..i think i should

attend & enjoy wiz dis event wiz diaorg..luckily everythg going so cool even..not many was attended

because lack of time & cuti & busy

So ..i hope nex tyme could be more big family gathering & unite like this again..Nite

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

1000 calories per day


Today ..mother to child, i take care of..said to me.." u like getting thinner than 2 months ago" Ohh..aku dgn penuh kegembiraan jawab yeke K.ina who the first one said lik to mee this.

So..maybe the 2 months diet already succeed..i lost 1 and half kg..but i think i should continue it more...

So i remembered my sis told..da effective diet not harm ur body with hard die diet by don't exceed 1000 calories per day.

So first u need to much ..calories ur required to lose ur weight...i recommend u to go at this site..

After calculating..n know how calories need to be burn..per day..u need to know how much the calories u need per day..right?

So i found site story about da guide of food selection...Malaysian food actually...

So here we the Breakfast first 
Food = Kalori
Drink = Kalori
 = ?

Lets say la today i breakfast wiz 

Food = Tuna Sandwiches (70 kcals) + Cekodok pisang (180 kcals x 5)
Drink = Coffee (3.5 kcals
Total = 973.5 kcals

What almost 1000 kg..OMG

Next for Lunch :- 

Food = Nasi putih or rice for 1 cup (173 kcals) + Sup Sayur ( i take a little ) tp 1 mgkuk 200 kcals igve 50
Drink = Water (0 kcals)
Total = 223 kcals

Aiyark..exceed 1000 kcals maaa..

Dinner :-
Food = Kuih putu bambu ( 2 slices x 160)
Drink = Coffee (3.5 kcals) + Water
Total = 323.5 kcals

So for today i already eating for 1520 kcals..aiyarkkkkkkk...+ benda yang xsengaja n ak tau tu ape main telan je maybe almost 1600..fuyooooooo..patut susah nak kuwus..

Okay so..u know it right so to makesure u do not exceed it,,follow this  guide..

Monday, 23 April 2012

3 days 2 Nite at S.Alam, Mid Valley & The Curve

Salam & Hola!

Headed to S. Alam last weekend..with Nurul Shahida at 9.00 pm with Mayang Sari express bus ..only paid for RM10 ..Just nice

The journey actually take two hours before i reached at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. It feel so good inside when we think to meet the people we love n comfort with. Laugh & sad 2gether once a time ago.

So, we rushing from TBS,,to heading KL Central with KTM within 30 minutes waiting, and at 12 pm we actually arrived at there. Ya.. at the counter ticket we looked at 3 people tersengih2..macam kerang buusuk..waited for us..missing each other at 3 years after we graduated at UiTM Dungun. Feel so a unit n very warmly n yes da happiness ..after a long hug..wiz each other.

Yaa..we only humble n RIANG RIA character's created by Allah S.W.T and met each others since at we learned at UiTM Dungun for Diploma Level.

The first Character lead in ur drama life is Miss Hasidah Hashim a.k.a Tok moh born in 8 June 1988., what i can says about her are she is a very cheerful, energetic and love to make people laugh by making funny
spontaneously, are concerned about the other partners.She also my roommate at years 2 at UiTM Dungun. Have a steady boyfrenz who never stop proposed her to marrying him. Love money  and dream to have a lot of money hehe, smae goes to me, further her study at UiTM S.Alam for her Master in Business.

Then the Second characters is Miss Fatihah Alawiyahborn in August 12 1988. We call her Kering because the weight always not over 40 kg. A polite person and very cautious in way her speaking, heartily girl , always make people laugh when she arguing something , something outside our mind. 
and also when she slip of the tongue. She also  a very persevere when receiving trials in term of love. Never stopped talking. We called in coccey n gege person meaning in Terengganu slang is girl who like to talks a lot.

Next we go with Miss Nor Hidayah born in March 12 1988 , a.k.a Miss Gagah. This girl is very low self-esteem and become herself-anywhere she goes, lot of generosity, love to take her members and will pretend one of them if any get hurt, easy to love someone but fear to spoken out . Very stubborn girl but kind actually, beauty inside n outside. Outside herself look at like stronger girl but sometime her heart love to melt n crying. People cant stop her , whatever she love to do.

Next the other one, is Miss Shahida  a.k.a Ustazah @ Mak born at december 31 1987, very polite person, like 'ustazah' , at the same time very , like to condemn people especially me, annoying person but actually very king and sensitive person and getting nervous and can bve cool at same time, nervous but sometimes can be brave  la to talks too. Very funny with her acting , like to eat but now prefer to diets, love to arguing with me especially when term of something, but she is very good person.A good stalker and easy to admire with people but fear to starting . Hehe.

Then we goes to Miss Ashiqin a.k.a Miss Bulat  born Sept 8 1988, first member already marrying with someone. Never expected. Vey cheerful person, intelligent with her ways, love fashion, love to bullying people, and out spoken person, kind of sensitive person too. Attracted people wit her smile and proudly to show her 'Lesung pipit' . Very good person and hope will be the good wife and mom with her new life.

Shiqin n her hubby

All these people i mentioned is  da best frenz in Dunia n akhirat have been surrounded in my life 6 years and same wiz now.

So, continued with my story after da iklan kejap ..

After that we heading to Mid Valley to get some fun after long time separated with each other, we had makan-makan at Nando's ..Nor treated us..oh gosh we so yeayyy...tq nor

So after we full, we went to Red Box, da three of us love to Karaoke , the others just follow us without arguing hehe..but this tyme nor treat us also hehe..we shocked but actually happy too, Nor working at MPH Book Store at The Curve Damansara, between us Mrs. Ashiqin & her are already working, ohh..forget to tell, Miss Ashiqin not with us , bcoz first month married, we dont want to bother her.

We have fun a lot Red Box at The Gardens, we sing we loud we shout at Karaoke room , but Red box crew very disappointing us when she told about the fee we paid not subscribed with Dinner. Huhu..xpelaa

Then next we going to home to S.Alam , and reached at there at 11 pm. so exhausted.

Next day we just around at S.Alam..last but not least we just surfing internet faster unifi at Paparich Sek.7 ..

Next day before me n Miss Shahida back home , we went to The curve and we decide to met at there

Fisrt we heading to Popular,so we sat at there around 1 hour, guess i found, firstly with son of Tun Mahathir ..Mukhriz mahathir..then after for a while watching drama about Pandora box, i suddenly teperasan dgn mamat nie..good looking..and finally can stop staring at him for a moment. So handsome ..buruk kan perangai aku amik gmbr dr tepi.


After makan..yummy yummy Rasa Food court we went to IKEA THE CURVE..just window shopping and dreaming our home we all furnished with white furniture ...hehehe

So one day. i will bought dis furniture..ekekke

So the end at 10.00 we seperated we hug and kiss goodbye to each others..hope meet again in another episode love all of u..The end


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