Sunday, 4 March 2012

Return to Malacca


Sorry for my bad English. I need to learn to write and speak at same time.

For improving, my future benefit.

Uols can right if im wrong.

Im not good blogger at all. My content sometimes cant hurt people or annoying but truly i just ordinary girl and original. I do not try to copy anyone.

Everyone make mistake. Forgive me.

Thanks you for giving ur time to visit my blog.I do very appreciated it. This about my life n sometimes i interfere to someone life hehhe. Just Accidentally.

Im not try to prove my english is better than yours not at all. Im just learning. I do not also trying to improve Bahasa Melayu Kebanggaan kita worse, i love it n proud to spoke on my mother language with Terengganu slang.

But i trying to be someone who always positive ways and trying to improving the skills i have.

You can talks with me whatever u like. But dont judge me by the way im writing here.

Hehe, yesterday i return to Malacca for continued my study at Uitm Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah. Omo first impression not gud at all, my emotion are mixing. Happy, sad & Confused.
Tiket bas
Beg Pelarian Vietnam hehe

This is not because im jet lag, even i just take bus to come here. Hehe

Donno laa, maybe dah lame kat umah kot. Miss my mom and baby mat, little sista ijah n also mat albab amirul hakim (ank jagaan my mom)

Hmm, the cloud are crying, malasnye nak belajar nape ekk..

But i do wishes my best for my last year in Malacca, i hope finally i can make my family proud of me and send my mom go menunaikan Haji di Mekah. Insyaallah.

Okaylaa need to go to see my KP (Coordinator program) for rearrange my schedule. Hola. See Ya.

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